Our Process

We take out the guesswork.

Embark on a tailored financial journey with Vault Business Advisors through our four-step process. Beginning with a complimentary first meeting to assess your business fit, we ensure optimal engagement. Our approach involves accessing your bookkeeping software, providing quotes for the initial three months, and investing in understanding and preparing during this crucial period. With transparent invoicing and a comprehensive 12-month service agreement, we aim to provide certainty and accountability for your business success.

Our First Meeting

We offer a free first meeting to work out if we are the best fit for your business. We ask a few questions prior to make the most out of this meeting and will introduce you to the team members you will be working with.

Pre-working and initial engagement

Prior to our first engagement we will access your bookkeeping software and understand your financial position, this helps us better support you. We will quote to complete our work for the first three months.

Our first three months

As we are learning about each other, the first three months will be as much understanding as it is preparing. This time will be invested into getting your books up to date, preparing budgets and cash flow and ensuring that we are best servicing your needs. We invoice for this on a time basis, which reflects the unknowns in the early stages of our engagement.

Our service agreement

At the end of the first three months we will prepare a 12 month agreement which covers our annual responsibilities and gives you an understanding of how we will assist you in your business. We want you to have certainty. For this we invoice on an annual basis, split across 12 instalments, this covers the scope of the agreement which gives you certainty and keeps us accountable.

Vault Business Advisors is now The Accountants