Complex Tax Planning

Complex Tax Planning

Tax planning doesn’t start in May, it is a long term process, and one that should be the core part of your business planning. We develop long term tax planning outcomes, to ensure that you are operating in a tax efficient manner and to make sure that you benefit from long term tax opportunities.

With a strong, trained tax team, we are confident that we can offer you the best of breed tax advice, which is commercial, practical and provides long term certainty. We have worked with business small and large and can assist in all stages of a transaction.

Long Term Planning

There is short term tax outcome and long term tax planning, and often the decision for today does give us the best long term outcome. We work with you to determine your long term plans and how tax planning fits into this.

For family groups, tax planning does not happen once a year, it is an ongoing process as things change, as objectives change and we plan for the future.

We value our long term tax planning to ensure that you receive the most appropriate long term financial outcome.


We work closely with you in all stages of a tax transaction, from the acquisition through to a future sale. It is critical to ensure that we are engaged early, that we are aware of your expectations and then we can ensure that the tax outcome is what you expect.

Our tax team has worked from start ups to pre-IPO and everything in between. We have a strong understanding of GST, State Taxes, CGT and preparing for a long term tax outcome. We will work with you early in the transaction, ensuring that the outcome you receive is the most tax effective possible.

Succession tax planning

Tax doesn’t just happen, and making sure that you are appropriately structured is critical to ensuring that your family members are also best structured for the future. When designing a tax structure we will look at your future objectives, and wherever possible will look to the long term tax planning outcomes.

In determining your long term tax planning, we will look at structures that are best suited to your family, and what you are aiming to achieve.

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